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Ascomycetes are mushrooms that produce their spores inside saclike cells called 'Asci, (Ascus).

  • Discomycetes

    These are ascomycetes in which the hymenium, (spore carrying surface) lines an area on the fruiting body exposed to the elements. This is similar to the basidia in the agarics.

    • Helotiales ( Earth Tongues)

      These mushrooms are either stalked or cup like in shape or both. The asci in this group all have pores at the tips through which the spores are released.

    • Pezizales

      Mushrooms in this group are characterized by that their asci all have lids which open when the fruit body is disturbed releasing the spores.

      • Helvellaceae

        • Helvella (Elfin Saddles)

          • Helvella leucomelaena (White-Footed Elfin Cup)

        • Morchellaceae

        • Pezizaceae 

          • Aleuria

            • Pithya Vulgaris

            • Scutellinia umbrarum

            • Trichophaea abunduns

          • Sarcosomataceae

            • Plectania campylospora (Black cup fungus)

    • Tuberales (Truffles)

      This group of mushrooms are rarely seen because they grow underground like plant tubers. Some of them are considered a delicacy and specially trained dogs or pigs are used to find them

  • Pyrenomycetes (Flask Fungi)

    In this group the spore bearing surface is carried within the fruit body and not exposed to the elements.

    • Cordyceps

    • Hypomyces

    • Podostroma

    • Xylaria & Daldinia

      • Daldinia concemtrica

      • Xylaria hypoxylon

      • Xylaria polymorpha



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