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Geoglossum cookeianum  (Black Earth tongues)


This group contains small fungi with upright and club like fruit bodies. Growing on the ground amongst moss and sometimes on rotten wood. They often have an enlarged head, but not always. Commonly known as 'Black Earth Tongues'.



Geoglossum Cookeianum


Found at Lake Waikeramoana on May 12, 2001 at the 15th Annual New Zealand Fungal Foray.

Black club shaped mushroom with a broader upper half.

Differs from Trichoglossum Hirsutum in the length of the enlarged head.


Habitat: From Ground.


Edibility: Your guess is as good as mine.






Trichoglossum Hirsutum (Velvety Black Earth Tongue)

Found at Lake Waikeramoana 0n May 9, 2001. During the 15th annual New Zealand
Fungal Foray.
A small mushroom characterized by thousands of minute hairs covering it's surface giving it a velvety appearance. Also by having a spade like head which forms the fertile surface.
The head on this species is very well defined in comparison to the similar fungi 'Geoglossum sp.'

Edibility: Edible but too small and tough to be of value. Be careful however, this group of fungi contains several species that can only be told apart microscopically.











Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.



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