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Hygrophoraceae - Waxy Caps


Group: Hygrocybe


Hygrocybe Strangulata

Found at Tangoia scenic reserve on September 16, 2000 growing from ground.

Cap:0.5-4cm in diameter. Concave in shape. Bright orange to red in colour with the margin being slightly lighter. Center of the cap becomes depressed with age.

Gills: Same colour as the cap but maybe lighter. Joined to the stem and running down it. Relatively well spaced.

Spore print: white.

Stem: 2-3cm high and 2-5mm thick. Same colour as cap but becoming paler towards the base.
Edibility: Unknown









Hygrophorous Versicolor

Found at Lake Waikeramoana on May 11, 2001 at the 15th Annual New Zealand Fungal Foray.Spectacular colours, majestic.

Cap: ~2cm in diameter. Purple in colour.

Stem: Yellow footed and purple towards the top. About 2-3cm long. Cross section purple.

Gills: Perfect white. Attached to stem and running down it.

The whole mushroom is covered in a very slippery layer of jelly.

Habitat: From ground amongst moss.

Edibility: Unknown











Hygrophorous Viridis

Found at Lake Wakeramoana on May 10, 2001 at the 15th Annual New Zealand Fungal Foray.Very attractive small mushroom.

Cap: Slimy, 1-2cm in diameter. Striated, greenish yellow in colour.

Gills: White. Attached to stem and running down it.

Stem 1.5-2cm long. Very slimy and bright green in colour.

Habitat: Grows on wood.

Edibility: Unknown











Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.



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