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Podaxales (Gastroid Agarics)

This group resembles the Agarics in the presence of a cap and a stem, but differ in that the spores are not forcibly discharged at maturity but rather they are kept enclosed within the cap until the mushroom deteriorates or is damaged by animals or insects for dispersal. So the spores are not exposed to the elements and a spore print is not obtainable.


Paurocotylis Pila

Found at Te Mata Trust Park in June, 2000. Growing from ground or litter.

Cap: Pouch like. Orange to red in colour but this may wash away in rain. 1.5-3cm in diameter and about 1-1.5cm high.

The pouch encloses a more or less white spore mass which is one of two differences between this mushroom and the red pouch mushroom, the other difference being the absence of the stem.


Edibility: Unknown.



Thaxterogaster Porphyreum (Violet Pouch)

Found at Lake Waikeramoana on May 11, 2001 at the 15th Annual New Zealand Fungal Foray.

Pouch: A magnificent purple colour.

Stalk: Bluish to purple in colour.

Every time I find this mushroom it is half eaten by bugs, this is the first one I find in good enough shape for a photograph

In the cross section, a brown mass of spores can be seen separated by bluish white flesh.

Edibility: I don't know.













Weraroa Erythrocephala

Found in Te Mata Trust Park in Havelock North, also at the Manawatu Gorge Track from June through July, 2000. Growing from wood and littler on forest floor.

Cap: Bright red in colour pouch like enclosing a brown spore mass. 1.5-3cm in diameter.
Stem: 2-4cm high. White but with a striking gold to yellow tinge.

This mushroom seemed to bloom during July, it was everywhere.

I noticed that most of them did not stand upright but were more or less lying on the ground, but I did not find anything in the literature to support this, or deny it.

Edibility: Unknown, but I would guess no.







Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.



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