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Mushrooms in this group are characterized by their granular texture and spiny or warty spores.


Group: Lactarius ( Milk Caps)

Mushrooms in this group excrete a milky juice when cut or broken.


Lactarius fragilis (Candy Cap)

Found on the road side in Havelock North in July, 2000. Growing from ground.

Cap: Orange brown in colour. About 1.5-2.5cm in diameter,( can be larger).

Gills: Thick and well spaced. Slightly waxy in appearance. Running down the stalk. Exude milk when cut near the cap. Paler in colour than the cap, almost pink.

Spore Print: White

Stem: Same colour and texture as cap. About 5mm thick and 2-2.5cm high

Edibility: Edible and quite good I hear, no, I have not tried this one either!! But CAUTION: I am not 100% sure of the identification of this mushroom so I would not go eating it!!!














Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.



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