Tangoia Falls - New Zealand


One of my favorite mushroom hunting areas, lots of water and on a hot day it feels almost tropical.


About 20 minutes from Napier heading towards Gisborne, it will be to your left just before what is known as the Devil's Elbow.


This is just a sharp bend in the road resembling an elbow and if you look at the road sign on the left of the picture you can see where the bend is.


Two waterfalls and a picnic area, easy walking most of the way.


Enter the car park, cross over a small stream, (pictured to the left), and you will find yourself in a picnic area equipped with tables and outdoor seating enough for at least 15 people.

This picnic area is also one of the biggest patches of Shaggy manes I have ever seen!! This picnic area has provided me with quite a few delicious meals :-).


Walk a little farther under deciduous trees, about twenty minutes, you will find this secret and amazing little spot, Te Anna Falls!! (The picture on the right)


Often this water hole is deep enough to swim in, providing a wonderful reward after your short walk on a hot day, or your long walk on the way back.


Small area resembling a tiny beach for your clothes and nice cool water.















Just two minutes before you get to Te Anna Falls the track forks into two, the other goes up hill to Tangoa Falls.

I don't think you can go to the fall itself but there is a great lookout from which you can see it!! (Pictured on the left)

I have not gone much farther than this myself as I am always taking a very slow pace looking for mushrooms, but one day I will bypass the beaten track just to see what lies ahead.

Mountain biking is permitted in the area and I hear it is a great place for it, So if you are into that kind of punishment, go treat yourself :-)














Different people react differently to different mushrooms.

NEVER eat a wild mushroom without being 100% sure it is safe to do so.




 Best Gourmet Mushrooms in New Zealand













Best Gourmet Mushrooms in New Zealand






















Best Gourmet Mushrooms in New Zealand






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