Te Mata Trust Park


Te Mata Peak
Te Mata in Maori means 'The Sleeping Giant'. This name comes from the shape of the hill shown in the picture on the right where the top margin takes the shape of a person lying on his or her back, the resemblance is quite striking!! Legend has it that there once was a giant who took a bite out of the hill, choked and died, and this is where he lies till this day!!
The peak is situated in Havelock North and on and around it lies Te Mata Trust Park.


From the top of the peak, you can pretty much see most of Hawkes Bay, i.e. Napier, Hastings and Havelock North, the views are great!!

Unfortunately, due to some recent vandalism to some renovations being done, the peak is now closed from after sunset.
About two thirds of the way up is the Peak House which is a neat
little restaurant with magnificent views!!

You can walk from the bottom to the top on Nature trails, and many people use mountain bikes which is quite a workout since I have done it two or three times myself and I tell you in some places it is pretty steep biking!!






                                                                                    This is the view from half way up to the peak!!!






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